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    Minimising Financial Risk - Maximising your Projects Potential

    We are more than a specialist consultant that provides detailed due-diligence service for Debt Protection Insurance (DPI®), we also provide additional services such as Project Financial Guarantees and Finance.


    Our clients are;

    Project developers, seeking funding and technology manufacturers, seeking to get their product to full commercial deployment as quickly as possible or provide process guarantees.


    Lenders, insurance - finance brokers and risk management consultants who are seeking to mitigate technology operational availability risk for their clients or project.


    By ensuring we understand our clients' project or technology and how they wish to use their assets, we can them put together a more compelling offering to funders.


    Our agreed procedures are integrated into both of our due-diligence services which extend the availability of DPI® to technologies in development or currently not commercialised.


    Our due diligence procedures include;


    Our Debt Protection Accreditation Programme - due diligence designed for technology manufacturers to help them reach commercial maturity. Access our technology accreditation questionnaire here.

      • How It DPI works

      • Our Debt Protection Platform - designed for project developers seeking to fund their project and support the project developer in resolving investment risk. More

        Our Due-Diligence provides the following flexible structures:

        • For Technologies – Pre- Commercial Deployment - developing technologies that are seeking to enter the commercial market with little or no track record.
        • Provides a solution to project and technology developers that meets the demands placed upon them by the financial markets enabling their technology or their project to reach its potential.
        • Enables the project developer to offer lenders a financial guarantee that protects the investors Debt Coverage Service Ratio (DSCR). 
        • For Project Developers – Post - Technology Commercial Deployment – protecting the long-term total project investment with a guarantee to protect the projects ability to repay its debt service requirement caused by unexpected maintenance risks.
        • Enables innovation and growth in the renewable energy sectors.

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