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    Helping Manufacturers, Project Developers to connect with Finance

    We are a specialist consultant that provides a due-diligence service for technologies and projects in the energy and renewable energy sectors and operates as a single, integrated team across North America and Europe.


    Our clients are lenders, project developers, technology manufacturers, insurance - finance brokers and risk management consultants who are seeking to mitigate technology operational availability risk for their clients or project.


    We exclusively undertake due-diligence services for EC3 Brokers Ltd concerning their Debt Protection Insurance (DPI™). Agreed procedures are integrated into both of our due-diligence services which extend the availability of DPI™ to technologies in development or currently not commercialised.

    For further information concerning EC3 Broker's Debt Protection Insurance ( DPI™) please contact EC3 Brokers.


    Our targeted due-diligence procedures include;


    Our Debt Protection Programme - due-diligence designed for technology manufacturers to help them reach commercial maturity -the operational availability of the technology which is a foremost requirement for investors to assess technology being proposed in a project to assess debt repayment risk.


    In shortening the maturity timeline, developers can reduce the need to borrow expensive money to keep the plant running under demonstration status to reach commercial deployment and attract lower cost equity investment into their company if required.


    Our Project Risk Platform - designed for project developers seeking to fund their project where their chosen technology has little or no track record. Whilst the platform is financially focused to provide support to the project developer in resolving investment risk, it touches every aspect of the project which would affect the projects ability to maintain its debt service.


    Our services are backed by TWI Global who combine their skills with Allied’s in-house professionals and are designed to provide robust assurances that the project can protect the investor's debt.


    Our Due-Diligence provides the following flexible structures:


    • For Technologies – Pre- Commercial Deployment - technology start-up, working with your engineers and EPC contractors, to reduce or remove commissioning risk.
    • For Project Developers – Post - Technology Commercial Deployment – protecting the long-term total project investment with a guarantee to protect the projects ability to repay its debt service requirement caused by unexpected maintenance risks.
    • Supports developing technologies that are seeking to enter the commercial market with little or no track record.
    • Provides a solution to project and technology developers that meets the demands placed upon them by the financial markets enabling their technology or their project to reach its potential.
    • Enables innovation and growth in the renewable energy sectors.

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