• Together we are Allied

    We are more than a specialist consultant. We provide services such as Project Finance Guarantees and Debt and Equity Finance initiated through our Desk Top review designed to support technology manufactures in reaching commercial deployment and project developers seeking finance for their project.


    In our Covid-19-altered reality, the overarching certainty is that the shift in the global energy system from fossil fuels to renewables must now be a transformation more than a transition. We are actively working with organisations and institutions around the world to advance innovation, technologies and projects that ensure a real reduction in greenhouse gas emissions while supporting community development and biodiversity, as well as environmental and social sustainability for generations to come.


    Allieds' team, work with our clients, actively listening to their needs, and matching them to those of the funders, with whom we work closely and undertake required due-diligence. Confidentially is an integral part of the service provided.


    Working together with our client through the funding or due diligence process, from beginning to end, we ensure that when our client starts the funding process they are positively engaged and the outcome is optimised for their project and provides a more compelling offer to funders.


    Our clients are;

    Project Developers, Technology Manufacturers, Lenders, Insurance - Finance Brokers and Consultants.

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