• The Benefits of our Desktop Review Platform

    Innovation - The Beginning of Everything


    Technology and Project Innovation comes with risk, many years of hard work, product or project development and investment. The plan, of course, is to reach commercialisation and realise a financial return.

    In reality along this journey, the company reaches two hurdles. The first is having sufficient funding to commercialise the technology or reach financial close and the other being the ability to provide the financial guarantees required by their funders.


    Allied's team understand this journey- having taken it themselves and know that understanding the requirement of a funder by being able to meet those requirements along the way and help companies by supporting technology breakthroughs, or, advancing the critical projects needed to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy and a cleaner environment. With this in mind, they created the Desktop Review Platform.


    Key features of the Desktop Review Platform


    Direct interaction with funders, equity Investors

    As soon as possible along the due diligence path we reach out to our selected funders and equity investors who have shown interest in the information provided. We discuss with them any critical issues that they might have if they proceed and then adapt our due diligence to ensure these issues are resolved or fully explained. MORE

    Direct interaction with underwriters for Project Guarantees

    If required, as soon as possible we discuss with selected underwriters the potential to provided protection against the installation of the technology to be deployed and debt protection caused by unexpected under-performance for a period of 10 years after commercialisation. This can be very important for investment into projects where the project developers have developed a project which will deploy technology that is new to the market or has insufficient track record to provide evidence to the cash flow of the project that the process will maintain their required debt service.

    Pre-accreditation for technology

    According to the European Investment Bank (EIB), many technologies, when they are ready to scale, enter the "Valley of Death" after investing a considerable amount of money and time, due to the technology risk involved and the long development timelines.

    Allieds' no fee Desk Top Technology Review is designed for technology manufacturers who have an operational demonstration unit, with a reasonable period of the operational data to bridge the "Valley of Death" and look to commercial deployment of their technology. MORE