• Protecting your asset from the unexpected

    The investment world has dramatically changed with lenders requiring strategies which guarantee transparency, de-correlation, yield and liquidity. To support and meet today's challenges we created our Project Risk Platform.


    Typically, within every large capital project or large asset acquisition, process availability is a significant risk that that concerns lenders. If an unexpected catastrophic event happens, then standard business insurances can step in to help mitigate the loss, but what if the unexpected is a non-catastrophic event where the process underperforms but causes the project difficulties.


    The Platform provides an opportunity for a third party to ‘guarantee’ this risk and events caused by an unexpected underperformance in operational hours.


    At Allied our mission is to create a customised platform that matches the requirements of lenders to the project sponsor, encouraging savings within the project.


    We can create an exclusive, Platform, geared around lenders criteria. Contact us to discuss your requirements here.