• Allied's trusted team can help secure your project funding.

    Through our Desktop Review Platform, we are able to offer our clients, that are seeking finance, introductions direct to our selected funders. Our aim is to provide our clients with the knowledge that funding is available before they commit their funds to the cost and other expenses associated with their project or technology development. Naturally, confidentially, is an integral part of the services provided.

    We are ready, are you!


    Our current activities are focused on: Energy, Agriculture, Waste to Value (Oil, Hydrogen etc;) Biofuels, Waste to Energy, and Infrastructure. Our funders can provide, seed capital, equity investment and recourse and non-recourse debt facilities.


    For Technology innovators, we are able to support their technology in commercial deployment by providing funding to their clients (project developers) In some cases we may also be able to assist in sourcing finance to cover the final stages of the technology through to commercial deployment within our Desktop Review Platform


    For more information Contact Us with a brief summary of your requirements or complete our brief online questionnaire.