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    While we have included the most common questions asked, we are always interested to hear from you with any other questions concerning our services.

    What is Allieds' Desk Top Review Service?

    Our Desk Top Review Service is designed to support project developers who are seeking finance. It provides an independent due diligence report, to our funders that confirms by robust documentation that the project is ready for investment.

    As a Project Developer at an early stage of the project development, how will your Desk Top Review help me?

    By allowing us to become part of your team as early as possible we can work with your team and help you prepare your business plan and supporting documentation in a format that is required by our funders. Reducing time and/or additional cost, resulting in your project having a competitive advantage in the financial markets.

    As a manufacturer of a new process, which has demonstrated its ability, but has an insufficient track record for funders. Can your Desktop Review Service help me?

    YES! This is a typical issue faced by many manufacturers, where their technology has reached a certain stage in its development and our Desk Top Review Service was created for this situation.

    This can provide you with a commercial advantage and help your company in expanding your market including exporting the technology abroad.

    How much does the due-diligence cost, how long does it take and who carries out the due-diligence?

    Our due diligence is offered in stages starting with our DeskTop Review, which is at no cost to you. Then, should the review be successful, you will be provided with conditional letters of interest for funding and/or a debt revenue guarantee. Both offers will be subject to detailed due diligence being carried out. We will then have a clear understanding of the required detailed due diligence, its cost and the time period to conclude the due diligence, depending on the maturity of the project and/ or the technology.

    I have already engaged consultants to carry out technology and project feasibility reports. Can I use these?

    Under all circumstances, we will need to issue our comprehensive due diligence report to gain access to our funders and/or offers of financial guarantees.

    Our due diligence can take into consideration the information and evidence in your consultant's reports, which could expedite the completion of our report.

    What is the Revenue Protection Guarantee and can I buy it through my insurance broker?

    The Revenue Protection Guarantee is an insurance-based policy issued by an A-rated, UK insurer, arranged through your broker, known as Debt Protection for Investment (DPI). On instructions, Allied is engaged to undertake an agreed process of due diligence.


    DPI is only available through an insurance broker. Contact your insurance broker to request a quotation or learn the benefits.

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