• Desk Top Review Service

    As part of our NO FEE Desk Top Review initiative, we welcome manufacturers, project developers, and services providers in the energy and emerging energy markets.


    Our mutually confidential, financial and technical due diligence review the documentation, supplied by you, of key items in your business plan that are normally required by any potential investor to ensure the projects’ financial health and identify any technical weaknesses. Confide


    The review confirms to us both, whether or not that you are ready to proceed towards funding. This saves both Allied and yourself time and expense, which is why we provide our desktop review service at no cost to you.


    As a result of this review, and subject to our due diligence, we provide you with a statement of suitability for financial guarantees and finance.


    Should you elect to do so, the desktop review can form the starting point of a further level of detailed due diligence by Allied which is fundamental to lenders and investors. This due diligence will be at a cost to be discussed and agreed with you.


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