• Desk Top Review Service

    As part of our no fee Desk Top Review initiative, we welcome manufacturers, project developers, and services providers in the energy and emerging energy markets.


    Our Free Desktop Review Service starts with us understanding your requirements at a high level by completing our selection questionnaire. DOWNLOAD HERE Once received we will review your answers and contact you. In the first instance, we will work from what you tell from the questionnaire and a conference call. Should we agree o move forward we will start then require an NDA being signed.


    Then, we will review the documents that you provide, in your data room- which must consist of the critical items in your business plan that are typically required by any potential investor to ensure the projects’ financial health and identify any technical weaknesses and confirms, that you are ready to proceed towards funding.


    To provide the funder with confidence and to retain true independence between our funders and the client, Allied does not charge a fee for their Desktop Review and its conclusions are totally independent of any statements and information provided.


    As a result of this review, and subject to satisfactory due diligence, we provide you with a statement of suitability for financial guarantees and finance.


    Should you elect to do so, the desktop review can form the starting point of a further level of detailed due diligence by Allied which is fundamental to lenders and investors. This due diligence will be at a cost to be discussed and agreed with you.

  • Starting the Process is as simple as

    Find out how you can stress test your funding application at no cost to you


    Prepare your Project for our Desktop Review and acceptance.

    Download and complete the Desktop Review questionnaire. We will then contact you to understand your projects requirements. If selected for our free service you will be asked to complete an NDA and then we will request to access your supporting documents in your data room. Get Questionnaire


    Our No Fee

    Desktop Review

    Our Desktop review can take between 40-100 man-hours. During this period we start talking to funders and if our Project Guarantee is required our insurance broker. Once completed we present the report to the funders and Insurance broker. Once we receive an indication of their interest we issue or Contract of Profesional Services and on acceptance request that you transfer your data to a secure data room on our system.


    Financial Close

    Detailed due diligence will start by the funder and broker. Our team will support you throughout this period to ensure you reach a financial close with the minimum of delay. Our average period to financial close is around 16 weeks.

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